Flexx Monitor Stand

  • Robust and elegant stand for medical displays

  • Height adjustment over 80 cm
  • Balanced with a gas spring
  • 100mm double roll design wheels
  • Equipped with compartment for power adapters and cabling.
  • Standard fitted with a VESA75/100 monitor mounting.

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Medical grade 19" U-rack cart

  • Solid hospital grade 19-inch U-rack cart, with front and back door
  • Central main power switch
  • Equipped with a 1600VA medical isolation transformer as standard
  • 5-way patch panel
  • 125mm double roll design wheels
  • Optionally expandable with stand for mounting trays, arms and other accessories.

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Flexx one IV+

  • Robust and elegant stand for placing infusion pumps and compact equipment
  • Posibility to place gas system (ogigen, etc.)
  • Measuring height of the base cart is 155cm
  • Basic cart includes: side cover with cable duct and 8 way power strip, 2x stainless steel sections and the chassis with castors
  • Based on our modular concept, various accessories can be added

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