Gas spring balanced display roll stand

Flexx Monitor Stand

New in our assortment the Flexx Monitor Roll Stand. This monitor standard is gas spring balanced and can adjust the monitor over a height of no less than 80 cm. Because this roll stand is suitable for both large and small screens, many medical applications are conceivable.

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Medical grade 19inch rack cart

Hospital grade 19" rack cart

For quick and cost effective system implementations of small series of medical systems Jansen Medicars has developed a hospital grade 19” rack cart. Using this cart, cost savings can be realized by using standard commercially available (non medical) components such as computers, data storage, switches or routers. Various accessories are available to customize it to your needs.

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Crozz three 2G Endoscopy equipment cart

New Generation Crozz three equipment cart

The Crozz three was launched in 2007 and has since been used by many with great pleasure. Changing methods and developments in technology have resulted in a new design of this medical equipment cart. In consultation with users and dealers, the 2nd generation of the Crozz three has been established.

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Time for a new company logo

New company logo

From 2006 we have a new course, with more emphasis on continuous innovation and development based on medical applications. As such, we have grown into a technology company that is leading in the development of carrier systems for medical applications. Because of this we have gradually acquired another image than the current company logo emits. Therefore, it is time to replace our 'old familiar' logo.

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OR St. Jansdal Hospital Harderwijk Netherlands

OR combines equipment carts and pendants

Using ceiling pendants in the OR has many advantages. The main reason is especially safety and hygiene:  the floor is free from cable and casters.

However, this solution also has its limitations. The medical devices are fixed mounted in the OR and cannot be flexibly deployed in other theatres. Compared to the use of equipment carts, there is more equipment needed to have them available in all operating roo...

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