Endoscopy cart Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC academic hospital also chooses the endoscopy trolley from Jansen Medicars!

✔️ 100% electrically powered
Get to your destination faster without strain on shoulders and back. Movable by one person.

✔️ Compiled in consultation with the user
Opiate drawer with code lock and foldable arms for endoscopy screen and data management screen, suction pump, flushing pump, processor/light source and electro surgery, etc.

✔️ Maximized ergonomics
Standing and sitting use is possible with height-adjustable screens. Smoothly rolling wheels and ergonomically shaped push handles.

✔️ Compact
Large work surface and ample space for storage of work supplies and placement of equipment. Simply unfold the arms on location and get started straight away.

✔️ Lean trolley layout
5S Lean method for the layout of the drawers and trolley. Prevents various forms of waste, such as time wasted on searching and misunderstandings. No excess stock.

✔️ Electrical safety in accordance with NEN/EN/IEC 60601-1
Available with a medical isolation transformer with 12 sockets with earth potential equalization points (EQP) for electrical connections of all equipment. One plug in the socket and you're done!

Why choose an electrically powered trolley?
Moving heavy vehicles can be more stressful than you think! Shoulder, neck and back problems are the most common musculoskeletal complaints. These complaints can be resolved by using an electrically powered endoscopy emergency cart. Wondering if you can use electric propulsion? Do the TNO push and pull check.

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