EIZO CuratOR surgical flat panel monitors

  • LCD monitor with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)

  • Powerful LED backlight with 700 cd/m² luminance for optimal viewing in bright operating rooms

  • High IP rating and fanless design ideal for maintaining a sterilized OR environment

  • Sleek design with fully-flat protectiv...

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Protective covers for surgical monitors

  • Transportation Protection cover for medical monitors
  • Very solid cover that protect the LCD of the Monitor
  • Made from 5mm PET-G (impact resistant)
  • Standard stocked for various brands and models
  • Can be manufactured on demand for most brands and models

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Holder for power adapter

  • Universal holder for power adapters
  • Self-adhesive holder for mounting on the underside of a shelf
  • Adapter is attached with detachable straps
  • ...

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