Patch panel, hose reel and gas connection

  • Tailor-made patch panel with 230V sockets
  • Custom hose reel
  • Gas outlets with tailored mounting bracket

Crozz two 2G 320 with customized top

  • Covers on both side covers instead of the standard bridge
  • Custom top shelf without a central power switch and fuses
  • Custom socket strip with power switch

Custom camera holder and device mounting

  • Customized holder for endoscopic camera, that can be used for a camera head with and without attached endoscope.
  • Customized bracket to mount the UBI Led by Comeg.

Crozz one 150 with various modifications

  • Extra long stand
  • Wider undercarriage for more stability
  • Customized worktop with pull-out shelf for keyboard and mouse
  • Customization holders for waste bin and needle waste bin

Equipotential earth bonding leads

  • Available on specification;
  • In your specified length;
  • With open ends, terminals, POAG connectors or combinations thereof;
  • Sort delivery time.


Crozz equipment cart with extra long monitor arm

  • 3Easy arm with customized long first extension
  • The length of the first extension is 65cm, this makes the total length of the arm 175cm.
  • Suitable for screens up to 12kg

Flexx one 100 with custom top shelf

  • Customized worktop for Flexx one 100 and one 100 Crozz
  • 5mm thick aluminum shelf  that is placed at an angle
  • The rear side is provided with a raised edge in order to prevent the installed equipment to slide off from the worktop.

Customized scope holder

  • Customization holder for Pentax vivideo scope
  • Mounting on the side of the shelf on which the vivideo system is placed 
  • The scope holder is made of stainless steel