Monitor cart

We have different carts in our assortment for placing a display in the OR. A mobile monitor is often used as a additional monitor or as an overview screen.

The available models from the Flexx cart line offer the possibility of height adjustment of the screen, the mounting of the display on an arm, or a fixed mounting of the monitor. It is also possible to place displays of different sizes (from <19 "to> 40")

The Flexx monitor carts are equipped with a heavy chassis, so t...

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Electro surgery cart

This cart for electro surgery is based on the Flexx 54-100 cart. This cart is equipped with a bottle holder that stores maximum 3 gas bottles. The standard runners on the cart are used to mount accessories, like the basked as shown in the picture. This cart can be used for electro surgery system of all different brands, like:

BOWA, Covidien, EMED, Guoteng, Special Medical Technology, WEM Equipamentos Eletrônicos, Life Support Systems, Medical Econet, Wallach Surgical Devices, In...

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Equipment cart for orthopedics

In modern operating rooms sometimes ceiling systems are implemented for the placement of the medical devices. When designing an operating room for minimally invasive surgery, there can be chosen for placing only the general devices on the pendants (cameras, light sources, monitors and video storage). Additional devices, required for the specific procedures, can then be placed on medical equipment carts. The cart shown here contains the devices that are required in addition to the general devi...

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