Patient data management

At various places in the hospital access is required to patient data (PDMS, Endobase, EndoPro, Hix, Epic, etc.). For this purpose computers are used that have access to a central database via the internal computer network. There are several computer models available that are places on a carrier system for this application (notebook, desktop, all-in-one PC, etc.). Jansen Medicars has developed different solutions.

The above mentioned applications are configurations based on our standard medical carts. These standard carts are modular in design, allowing to create any configuration according to customer specification. This means that the displayed cart configurations can be adjusted as desired. This includes for example removing or adding a shelf, bottle bracket or other components. In case a desired item is not part of our standard product range, it is also possible to deliver custom made parts. In this case we can design the required item, and produce this design for you. Please contact our sales department to discuss the possibilities.


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The above selected configuration is composed of selected items listed below. Please consult the available documentation under the tab "Downloads" for more information. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist.

PDMS notebook cart
- Flexx one PDMS notebook cart (COW)
Aeroo 90 - PDMS wall system
Aeroo 90 wall system for PDMS or Endobase
IT cart with medical grade devices
- Flexx one 100 - IT cart with medical device