Medical grade 19" U-rack cart

  • Solid hospital grade 19-inch U-rack cart, with front and back door
  • Central main power switch
  • Equipped with a 1600VA medical isolation transformer as standard
  • 5-way patch panel
  • 125mm double roll design wheels
  • Optionally expandable with stand for mounting trays, arms and other accessories.
Crozz two 2G 320 Karl Storz cart 32inch Panasonic 3D + 26inch NDSsi Radiance

Minimally invasive surgery

For minimally invasive surgery, multiple medical devices are needed. Usually these devices are placed on a medical cart. The exact composition of the various devices is determined by the surgical procedure that is carried out with the equipment. A...

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Crozz two 2G 320 - Fluorescence guided cancer surgery

Fluorescence guided cancer surgery

When removing a tumor during surgery, a biopsy is taken to the lab for examination to see if sufficient tissue is removed from the patient. Using fluorescence image-guided surgery (FIGS) there is a paradigm shift discernible with surgeons. The sur...

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Since we design and produce our products ourselves, we are fully capable of supplying custom work at attractive prices. Should you have specific wishes with respect to the products available, or if entirely new articles are involved, we have the means to develop a product within a short period. Custom work is done in close consultation with the client and is, as with all Jansen Medicars products, always durable and of the quality you are accustomed to.


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The above selected configuration is composed of selected items listed below. Please consult the available documentation under the tab "Downloads" for more information. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to assist.

U-rack cart with monitor arms
Medical grade 19" U-rack cart with mounting colomn
U-rack cart - front
Medical grade 19" U-rack cart
U-rack cart - rear
Medical grade 19" U-rack cart