Flexx one 100

  • Robust and elegant stand for placing monitors and compact equipment
  • Tray widths 46cm
  • Measuring height of the base cart is 100cm
  • Basic cart includes: a side cover with integrated cable duct, stainless steel section, chassis with 100mm castors,
  • Based on our modular concept, various accessories can be added
Crozz two 2G 320 Karl Storz - cart for outdoor department (policlinic)

ENT / Ear - Nose - Throat

Medical equipment carts for ENT applications are often based on the Crozz of Flexx cart series. The available shelf widths are suitable for equipment from Karl Storz, Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon. The products shown here, can be used for both rigid...

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Flexx two 43-100 Philips FM30 CTG cart

Cart for Cardiotocography

Cart for setting up a cardiotocograph (CTG) and the necessary additional equipment for the recording of the heartbeat of a fetus and the contractions of a pregnant woman in the last stage of pregnancy.  The cardiotocograph is also known under...

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PDMS notebook cart

Patient data management

At various places in the hospital access is required to patient data (PDMS, Endobase, EndoPro, Hix, Epic, etc.). For this purpose computers are used that have access to a central database via the internal computer network. There are several comput...

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Trolley voor Ventinove Evone beademingstoestel

Ventilation of ICU patients

Ventilators are used for artificial ventilation of patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Because these devices also require a humidifier and possibly an oxygen cylinder, it is practical to place the ventilator on an equipment cart.


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Since we design and produce our products ourselves, we are fully capable of supplying custom work at attractive prices. Should you have specific wishes with respect to the products available, or if entirely new articles are involved, we have the means to develop a product within a short period. Custom work is done in close consultation with the client and is, as with all Jansen Medicars products, always durable and of the quality you are accustomed to.

Custom angled top shelf for Flexx one

Flexx one 100 with custom top shelf

  • Customized worktop for Flexx one 100 and one 100 Crozz
  • 5mm thick aluminum shelf  that is placed at an angle
  • The rear side is provided with a raised edge in order to prevent the installed equipment to slide...
Custom camera& scope holder and bracket for UBI Led for Sopro Comeg

Custom camera holder and device mounting

  • Customized holder for endoscopic camera, that can be used for a camera head with and without attached endoscope.
  • Customized bracket to mount the UBI Led by Comeg.
Customized scope holder

Customized scope holder

  • Customization holder for Pentax vivideo scope
  • Mounting on the side of the shelf on which the vivideo system is placed 
  • The scope holder is made of stainless steel


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Flexx one 100 ENT polyclinic trolley
Flexx one 100 computer cart
Flexx one basic cart
Flexx one 100 basic cart

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