Mobile Power System 230VAC 800W

  • Uninterruptable Power System (UPS) for medical purposes
  • 1200 VAh battery for very long battery time: 100 Watt for 10 hours
  • Continuous load up to 600VA
  • 4x 230VAC 50Hz output
  • Suitable for installation on one Crozz and Flexx one cart
Battery powered monitor stand with long arm

Battery powered carts for wireless applications

With the introduction of the Mobile Power System, various wireless applications can be realized, which solves the struggle with power cords or wires for video signals. With this battery powered cart solution, you will have no worries of damaged ca...

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Flexx two 54-100 Gas bottle cart Drager Oxylog

Patient monitoring & ventilation

A very compact equipment set-up is realized on this cart for patient monitoring and ventilation. The attached screen is height adjustable and the cart is equipped with a drip stand that can also be used to attach Automated Infusion Systems. The sw...

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Mobiele Anesthesie Cart

Mobile Anaesthesia Cart

This mobile anaesthesia cart has all the equipment and accessories on hand. Our cart products are modular in design and are built to customer specifications. Therefore we can always provide anaesthesia car that suits your needs and equipment. This...

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PDMS notebook cart

Patient data management

At various places in the hospital access is required to patient data (PDMS, Endobase, EndoPro, Hix, Epic, etc.). For this purpose computers are used that have access to a central database via the internal computer network. There are several comput...

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Since we design and produce our products ourselves, we are fully capable of supplying custom work at attractive prices. Should you have specific wishes with respect to the products available, or if entirely new articles are involved, we have the means to develop a product within a short period. Custom work is done in close consultation with the client and is, as with all Jansen Medicars products, always durable and of the quality you are accustomed to.