Drying cabinet veterinary endoscopes

Jansen Medicars has developed a compact modular drying cabinet especially for veterinary endoscopes. Due to the modular construction, several compartments can be combined. The interior of these cabinets can be arranged as desired, with holders for various video and fiberscopes. The following holders are available:

  • Holder for video scope
  • Holder for 1 fiberscope as an addition to the videoscope holder
  • Holder for 1 fiber scope
  • Holder for 3 fiber scopes
  • Holder for a horse videoscope

The last mentioned holder for a horse scope makes it possible to dry video scopes up to a length of 350 cm. This makes this drying cabinet unique in its kind.

The drying units have a glass door and are each equipped with its own ventilation system and air filter. The interior lighting with which each unit is equipped is switched on during drying.

Due to the modular design, it is possible to expand the drying cabinet once installed.

Bron: Jansen Medicars