Flexx Monitor Stand

Especially in operating theaters and treatment rooms, many monitors are used for a variety of applications, such as patient monitoring, displays for performing endoscopic procedures, overview screens, viewing monitors, etc.

The positioning of these screens depends on the intervention and the wishes of the executive staff. Screens are sometimes present on ceiling pendants or are placed on mobile equipment carts.

Unique specifications!

The Flexx monitor stand is a compact roll stand on which the screen can be adjusted over a height of no less than 80 cm. Because the screen is gas spring balanced, it is easy to adjust the height and no locking is required. The Flexx monitor roll stand is also suitable for small and large screens and is very stable due to the low center of gravity. At the rear the roll stand has a storage compartment for power supply modules and has strain reliefs for the video cable and the power cord.

The mounting point for the screen can be adjusted to the desired VESA size. It is also possible to mount multiple screens.


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