Hospital grade 19" rack cart

Frequently new techniques are being developed for the implementation or support of medical interventions. Some of these developments require complex electrical or data processing systems. For the proof-of-concept and clinical tests these systems are usually produced in small quantities, where it is a challenge to stay within the available budgets. Cost savings can be realized by using standard commercially available components such as computers, data storage, switches or routers. Question is how to create a hospital grade system, based on available –usually non medical- devices. 

A new unique concept

Especially for these systems, Jansen Medicars has developed a hospital grade 19” rack cart. This cart contains an 18U 19 "rack with doors at the front and rear, making the equipment easily accessible. The 1600VA medical isolation transformer makes sure the set-up meets the 60601-1 electrical requirements. The main power switch on the front falls slightly back into the housing, to ensure that the system cannot accidentally be switched on or off.

Interconnections can be made using the 5-way patch panel at the rear. Various connectors are available for this patch panel, such as BNC, HDMI, RJ45, USB, etc. Fixed cables can also be connected via the bottom of the cart. Strain reliefs can be attached for a firm connection.

Various accessories available

Optionally, a central pole can be mounted to which accessories such as monitor arms, holders, brackets or shelves can be attached. Due to the extensive options this cart is suitable for the most diverse applications.


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Bron: Jansen Medicars