New Generation Crozz three equipment cart

The Crozz three was launched in 2007 and has since been used by many with great pleasure. Changing methods and developments in technology have resulted in a new design of this medical equipment cart. In consultation with users and dealers, the 2nd generation of the Crozz three has been established.

Improved in all aspects

The cart has been improved on many points. The design, but especially the functional aspects have received a lot of attention:

  • Ergonomic improvements, such as the use of better casters, a more compact chassis and ergonomic push handles.
  • Large worktop with raised edge.
  • Extra storage space in the rear rack and more space for devices and drawers.
  • Integrated work lighting above the worktop.
  • Optimized cable management and power supply with two vertical cable channels, a 12-way power strip and an integrated 1600VA medical isolation transformer.
  • Modular patch panel for connections outside the cart, such as a network connection or an extra screen.

Customized solution through modular construction

The Crozz three 2G equipment cart is based on the familiar modular concept of Jansen Medicars. This allows the cart to be completely tailored to your wishes. We can offer an optimal solution for every application. Various accessories are available for this, such as:

  • Drawers, trays, pull-out trays.
  • Holders and brackets for, among other things, gas bottles, infusion bags, pumps and endoscopes.
  • Medical isolation transformers and cords.
  • Monitor mountings, from fixed VESA mounts to long monitor arms.
  • Electric drive to easily move the trolley over a large distance by one person.

Renewed electric drive

As an option, the Crozz three 2G cart can be equipped with  the new Motor Drive System. This Motor Drive System is an electric drive designed to easily move heavy and difficult to move medical carts. This system moves the cart completely on its own, making it easy to move over long distances as well as in small rooms. This new generation drive systems has been improved in a number of ways:

  • Better battery type (LifePo4) with a long lifespan (5-10 years).
  • Faster battery charger, charging the battery can be done within 3 hours. When the battery is being charged, an indicator on the control panel lights up. A clear battery monitor displays the current energy level.
  • The control interface is modern and well-organized. There are two gears in both forward and reverse directions. The speed is stepless variable between 0 and 5.2 km / h.


Feel free to contact us for an appointment or a quote. We look forward to discussing the best solution with you.

Bron: Jansen Medicars