Wall system for recovery

Optimizing Recovery set-up

An optimal integration of facilities, medical devices, equipment and inventory seems difficult to achieve in Holding and Recovery rooms. One important reason is the phased realization of these rooms. In each phase not all information of a next stage is clear and/or complete. This way things are often overlooked or implementations are based on the wrong assumptions. The result is often a solution that could be improved in several respects, such as:

  • Ergonomics
  • Reduced working hours
  • Cable Management
  • Storage space
  • Hygiene

Aeroo Wall System

For implementing an optimal arrangement in Holding and Recovery rooms, Jansen Medicars specially developed the Aeroo wall system. This modular system integrates the medical equipment and storage space in an ergonomically optimal solution. The configuration of the wall system is designed in consultation with the user with the focus on ergonomics and minimize working time. In this process also the position of equipment and working stock is discussed.

The Aeroo wall system is attached to the wall or a standard horizontal facility rail, next to the head end of the bed. All medical devices are attached to the wall system in which the built-in cable channels provide sufficient room for guiding the cables and hoses. This creates a well-finished system that is easy to clean.

The Aeroo wall system can be used in both new construction and renovation of Holding and Recovery rooms. The presence of windows in the fastening wall is no problem.

Because all the equipment is arranged on the wall system, the configuration can be built up elsewhere, for example at the Department of Medical Engineering. To move the system after it is the set-up, a transport cart can be used to move it to the Recovery or Holding. This cart can also be used to quickly replace the system during maintenance and system failure.

Process of implementation

The optimized wall system will be implemented in phases. In this process accuracy and completeness is essential.

Inventory of needs and requirements

At this stage all stakeholders are involved in the definition of the system; what medical devices are applicable, how is the system operated, what disposables and operational stocks are needed, etc..

Ergonomics analysis

The actions of the user during use of the system as well as the optimum position of medical devices and working stocks are determined.

3D CAD model

Based on the inventory and analysis, a 3D CAD model is created. This model is discussed with all stakeholders and adjusted if necessary so that finally everyone agrees on the solution.

Field test and evaluation

If desired, a field test can be arranged to validate the system and to proof that the system meets all expectations. Both during the evaluation and the field test, adjustments can be made when required.

Final rollout

Finally the systems can be delivered for all places in the recovery or Holding. The systems are assembled from stock, which results in short lead times.

Bron: Jansen Medicars