New company logo


Jansen Medicars was founded in 1971 and started with the development and production of steel furniture for multimedia applications. From the 80s we also supplied products for medical applications. The short delivery time, good service and high quality has always contributed to a good relationship with our customers.

New company logo

From 2006 we have a new course, with more emphasis on continuous innovation and development based on medical applications. As such, we have grown into a technology company that is leading in the development of carrier systems for medical applications. Because of this we have gradually acquired another image than the current company logo emits. Therefore, it is time to replace our 'old familiar' logo.

New website

With this change, we have also updated our website. This new website has a clear structure and navigate intuitively. To achieve this, we have used a lot of images and the structure is similar to the old website.

Bron: Jansen Medicars