Veterinaire droogkast

Drying cabinet veterinary endoscopes

We have developed a drying cabinet for veterinary endoscopes in which various endoscopes can be dried. Unique is that this drying cabinet can also be equipped with a holder for the long video soups that are used for horses. With this, horse scopes up to 350cm can be dried.

The modular construction makes it possible to expand the system after purchase with additional drying units and/or scope holders.

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Ventilator Cart

Ventilator Cart

Jansen Medicars has been asked by some manufacturers to supply carts for placing these devices on the ICU. In order to be able to deliver hundreds of ventilator carts within a few weeks, Jansen Medicars has developed a cart concept that can be produced in large numbers in a short time.

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Gerard Jansen


We sadly said goodbye to our former employer and founder of Jansen Medicars:

Gerard Simon Jansen

Member of the Order of Oranje-Nassau,

Gerard passed away on 14 June 2019. He was 83 years old.

We are grateful for what he has done for the company and employees.

We wish his wife Boukje, children, grandchildren, family and friends much strength in dealing with this loss.


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Gas spring balanced display roll stand

Flexx Monitor Stand

New in our assortment the Flexx Monitor Roll Stand. This monitor standard is gas spring balanced and can adjust the monitor over a height of no less than 80 cm. Because this roll stand is suitable for both large and small screens, many medical applications are conceivable.

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