Nitrous oxide cart for pain relief

During childbirth, women can have the desire for pain relief. Pain relief can be done with the aid of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide (50% N2O and 50% O2) is a fast-acting pain-killer that is administered with the aid of a mask. The gas is only supplied during the contraction to suppress the worst pain. Nitrous oxide is administered only under the supervision of midwives in the birth center, birth clinics, within a delivery complex or a Mother and Child Department.

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Cart for Cardiotocography

Cart for setting up a cardiotocograph (CTG) and the necessary additional equipment for the recording of the heartbeat of a fetus and the contractions of a pregnant woman in the last stage of pregnancy.  The cardiotocograph is also known under the name electronic fetal monitor (EFM). This cart contains shelves for the necessary equipment and the keyboard, is equipped with a VESA monitor mount and offers a spacious drawers for storing the necessary disposables and transducers.

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