Ventilation of ICU patients

Ventilators are used for artificial ventilation of patients in the Intensive Care Unit. Because these devices also require a humidifier and possibly an oxygen cylinder, it is practical to place the ventilator on an equipment cart.

 Jansen Medicars offers various cart solutions for this application. It is obvious to opt for a modular trolley, such as the Flexx. In this way, the cart can then be assembled entirely according to the customer's wishes.

As an alternative, Janse...

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Flexx one IV+

The Flexx one IV + is a versatile IV Pole or Infusion Pump Stand that is suitable for use on intensive care and medium care units, and operating rooms. This floor stand has a low center of gravity and is therefore very stable. Due to the 100mm double wheels casters, the IV pole is very easy to move.

The Flexx one IV+ floor stand is standard equipped with 8 hospital grade outlets with earth potential equalization. The stand is suitable for both conventional infusion bags as well as inf...

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Intra Clinical transport of ventilated patients

While moving ventilated patients -for instance between Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and operating room (OR) or X-ray department-, the respiratory equipment and any additional equipment as infusion pumps needs to go along with the patient during transport. This cart is at the bedside of the patient and includes all associated equipment necessary during transport.

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