Arthroscopic surgery on a knee

The example shown in the images is an arthroscopic surgery on a knee. The surgical display of the arthroscopy cart is located in front of the surgeon and placed as close as possible to his working area. This is the most optimal screen position where both his hands and the surgical monitor are in his eyeshot at the same time. Both working direction and viewing direction are the same, optimizing the efficiency and accuracy of the surgeon as well as minimizing the hazard of a neck injury. If the patient is conscious, he can follow the operation on the second screen.

The above mentioned applications are configurations based on our standard medical carts. These standard carts are modular in design, allowing to create any configuration according to customer specification. This means that the displayed cart configurations can be adjusted as desired. This includes for example removing or adding a shelf, bottle bracket or other components. In case a desired item is not part of our standard product range, it is also possible to deliver custom made parts. In this case we can design the required item, and produce this design for you. Please contact our sales department to discuss the possibilities.

Crozz two 2G 320 with customized top

Crozz two 2G 320 avec dessus personnalisé

  • Couvertures sur les deux couvercles latéraux au lieu du pont standard
  • Plateau supérieure personnalisée sans interrupteur central et fusibles
  • Bande de prise personnalisée avec interrupteur...


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Arthroscopic surgery on a knee #3
- Arthroscopic surgery on a knee
Arthroscopic surgery on a knee #1
- Arthroscopic surgery on a knee
Arthroscopic surgery on a knee #2
- Arthroscopic surgery on a knee