Mobile Digital Operating Room

Digital techniques such as image routing, network and digital storage of video images are used in the modern operating rooms. Many of the components used for these techniques are suitable for mounting in a 19” U-rack.


To be able to use these digital techniques in an operating room, these systems are usually integrated in the operating theater complex. If that is not the case, the technology can also be used as a mobile setup. The medical 19” U-rack cart form...

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Battery powered carts for wireless applications

With the introduction of the Mobile Power System, various wireless applications can be realized, which solves the struggle with power cords or wires for video signals. With this battery powered cart solution, you will have no worries of damaged cables that lay on the floor and causing dangerous situations in operating room. The 230VAC or 24VDC power system delivers prolonged energy. In most cases more than enough for a whole day.

The equipment on the cart is powered from the batteries...

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Patient monitoring & ventilation

A very compact equipment set-up is realized on this cart for patient monitoring and ventilation. The attached screen is height adjustable and the cart is equipped with a drip stand that can also be used to attach Automated Infusion Systems. The swivel arm on the left side is used to guide the ventilator tubes to the patient.

The cart configurations as shown, is contains the following equipment: