Infusion Pole vs Infusion Pump Stand

The conventional IV pole is basically a stand with a hook for infusion bags. Nowadays the infusion bags are often replaced by infusion pumps. When multiple infusion pumps are placed on a IV pole, the pole needs to be equipped with hospital grade power outlets. As soon as the power outlets are in place, the stand will be soon used to place additional equipment like a ventilator, patient monitor or suction unit. When doing this, the next step is to add gas cylinders to the stand.

It is clear that the requirements for a conventional IV pole differ in many ways from the requirements for the IV pole with electrical and gas support systems. It is notable that there is only a few products available that fulfill today's requirements, however most of them have issues related to possible fluid leakages and required distance between gas systems and electrical outlets.

With this knowledge Jansen Medicars has developed a new Infusion Pump Stand, the Flexx one IV+. 

For more information see also Flexx one IV+ in the products menu

Bron: Jansen Medicars